The Platform

Investmart is an innovating PropTech platform that is starting to take the global property market by storm. We’ve produced a revolutionary platform that supports Real Estate Investors and helps them select and procure the most efficient and prosperous new developments.

Our Platform has been accustomed to meet the needs of all investors. Whether you're a seasoned investor with an established portfolio or a beginner looking to make your first steps on the property ladder. By using Investmart, you'll benefit from our property sourcing and management turn-key solution - from purchase to construction to leasing.

Furthermore, we are providing a seamless and intuitive investment process. We present Investors with an opportunity to procure global properties at the click of a button.

We can foresee this through our Acquisition & Management services; with our vast Real Estate and Legal knowledge we'll guide you straight through the entire construction and hand over process.

We are not a Real Estate Agent. We're focused on providing turn-key solution for investors who are looking to diversify their real estate portfolio. from purchase to construction to leasing.

What to expect from us?

  • Highly detailed real estate listings.
  • Manage everything online, without leaving your home country
  • Full Turnkey Solutions -- We'll do all the legwork, so you don't have to. Including supervising the full-acquisition process, legal procedures & translation of documents.
  • Benefit from our legal expertise and Industry knowledge
  • Receive in-depth Market Analysis for each individual opportunity
  • All our projects have been produced by leading Property Development Companies.
  • No cold calls. PropTech is the future. We're committed to providing a full digitalised investment solution (although, we'd love to chat on the phone, if you'd like arrange a callback just fill in the form here).

In order to view our customized property grid of investments, there's no need to sign up. When you're ready, click "continue;" then acknowledge our Service Agreement before confirming your investment.

Investmart Key Features

Extensive Property Market

Review the latest projects and real estate opportunities at the click of a button. At Investmart, we're connected with Real Estate Developers, not only to provide a larger variety of new builds. But, to educate our Investors about different cities, cultures and prosperous locations across Europe & the World.

Learning Resources

Browse through a variety of top level and in-depth market reports, podcasts, webinars and learning materials to help launch your global property portfolio. We’ve produced detailed reports based on cities, countries, neighbourhoods and financial metrics (such as yields). Moreover, with each opportunity you'll be able to instantly download the project’s blueprint.

All in one Investment Solution

We will provide an accustomed investment solution for you. Therefore, providing a full-service package from initial prospecting to the legal legwork, right down to receiving the keys.

What does our full-service online investment solution include? Simply, upon selecting your opportunity you'll be kept up to date with the construction and all legal processes; you won't even need to leave your home. Everything will be provided within your Investmart account.

Revolutionising the Property Market

It is our aim to forge a ground-breaking impact within the global real estate industry. Throughout our in-depth market intelligence and legal groundwork in multiple countries we're able to not only source the most affluent investments but also provide fully-managed services online to ensure your outlay reaps its rewards.

Control your own Investments

With our platform you will have the power to select the perfect investment. We’ve carefully analysed the prices and the market. Therefore, presenting you with enough tools to negotiate, decide how much to invest? And Where?

How our PropTech Platform works?

  1. Here's a bit of insight into how it all works at Investmart. There are three stages to our platform. Learn, Choose & Invest. Firstly, dive into our endless flow of resources, calculations and investment guides to ensure you thoroughly understand our markets and are able to determine your strategy.
  2. Then browse our tailored investment opportunities across Poland, Austria, Romania, Germany, France, Portugal & Lithuania, until you find one that meets your proposed strategy.
  3. Then, that just about does it for your work. We'll take it from there. Once you've clicked "invest" and acknowledged our service agreement, we manage the entire real estate acquisition for you. You'll just have to meet the Developer's payment schedule.

Get started

In order to get started, sign up to our platform in order to receive exclusive access to our market reports, discover new markets, and start spreading your portfolio across the globe, with one single click.

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